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August Lucky Tackle Box Saltwater Inshore

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What Comes in a Lucky Tackle Box?

August Lucky Tackle Box – Saltwater Inshore Box 2017

We have been getting these for the last year or so and have really enjoyed the unboxing and the videos that we have posted. The August Lucky Tackle Box is here and we have again made a video of the contents. Although there have been several boxes that have had a lot of baits that were geared more to freshwater, this box stays true to its promise of being a saltwater inshore box.

Almost every box we have unboxed has had a great value of lures. The August Lucky Tackle Box was no different. There was enough value to more than make up for the cost of the box. We are not a paid advertiser, nor do we get these boxes for free. We are paying for these as well, so our review is genuine. If you want a surprise in your mailbox monthly, and you enjoy fishing with new lures and techniques, this subscription service is right up your alley. The August Lucky Tackle Box had some great lures and definitely fulfilled our expectations.

If you would Like a lucky tackle box subscription of your own, visit LUCKY TACKLE BOX at or click here!


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