Best Cooker to Fry Fish

The Best Cooker To Fry Fish!

Best Cooker to Fry Fish
King Kooker 1618

Looking for the best cooker to fry fish? After Catching those Redfish, Trout or Flounder, you want to enjoy them right? Well the King Kooker 1618 will really do the trick! This is an awesome fryer that allows you not only to cook fish, but also your favorite sides as well. Drop in your favorite Filet dressed with your favorite Batter and Enjoy in minutes.

The King Kooker 1618 is a portable outdoor propane cooker that sits atop a 16 inch welded steel frame. It can be used on a table top or on the ground. It is very light. One of the great options that come with this cooker is the large aluminum pan that holds 2 frying baskets. Having separate baskets allows you to cook your fish and fries at the same time. You can remove the frying baskets and just use the big aluminum pan to cook crab or crawfish in as well.

At 54,000 BTU’s, the King Kooker offers plenty of fire power to get any frying job done. It comes with the frame, hose, aluminum pan and 2 frying baskets. Also Included is the deep-fry thermometer and recipes to help you along. So whether you are wanting to have a fish fry in your backyard, or right at the beach, this one will do what you need it to do!

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We will be posting a batter recipe post soon and would like to here about your best batter for frying fish. There is no better recipe for fish batter than those that cook it every day. When you ad the southern flair and spices of Texas you know you have a winner! Have a great batter recipe to share? Share it in the comments below!

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