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Flip Reel by Squiddies – Review

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Flip Reel By Squiddies
Image Courtesy Of Squiddies

Flip Reel By Squiddies

A few months ago I received one of these Flip Reels from Squiddies. They gave me a sample to try out and post my experiences with it. When I was young, it was nothing to pick up a coke bottle and find enough string and tackle laying around the boat ramp to make my own flip reel. Times have changed and it was nice to get out on the water finally and give this little hand reel a try.

Flip Reel Green
I received the Green and Gray Model to give a whirl.
I received the green and grey model to try out. It came full of line and had a small tackle kit that was in the box. The reel is very ergonomical and feels very good in your hand. The small tackle kit that come with it on the other hand is kind of cheesy. It is a great idea to include and would be fine catching perch, but we decided not to use it.

Flip Reel Tackle Kit
A little cheesy but a good idea

Flip Reel Contents
Comes with everything you need to get fishing!

The Flip Reel came loaded with plenty of line but WARNING – It is very tightly wound right out of the package! I had to slap myself in the head with the weight trying to throw it a couple of times before I realized what the problem was. I would ensure that you unwind a bunch and roll it back up yourself. After I re rolled it, it threw easy and fine.

The Flip Reel is a great Idea and very fun to use when you are just looking to mess around a bit. I will be sure to keep it in the truck for those days when nothing is going on and I can quickly be fishing to pass the time. It is also very easy to tuck into a bag or suitcase to travel with you on vacation.

Overall it is very well made and is a lot of fun. If you have a chance to pick one up, I would recommend it. Especially if you have smaller kids and want to take them to catch some small perch! To purchase your Flip Reel, CLICK HERE. For more information go to

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