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How Flounder Bite – Learn To Catch More!

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How Flounder Bite : Understanding it will help you catch more fish!

Want to catch more Flounder? The following Video gives as a glimpse underwater to see just how the Flounder attacks our baits. When fishing for flounder, understanding how flounder bite helps us understand the best way to present our bait. As you watch this video, you can see the presentation, and the actions of the flounder. When my father was teaching me how to catch flounder as a kid, he always told me that if I felt that bump, slow my retrieve for a few seconds. Of course this was using live bait and retrieve speeds varied at times depending on the fish. When you look at how flounder bite on this video, i can now understand his instruction. Everyone has different styles of fishing for flounder and after watching this clip, comment below on what you would have done differently.



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